North Belton Middle School Athletics


North 7B VS. Belton MS


North Belton Middle School girls played Belton Middle School, winning 17-13. The game, full of great communication between the girls and amazing sportsmanship, showed how competitive and driven to win our North girls are! To start off the game at tip-off, Shaffer and Mees did an amazing job working together while each scoring 2 points. Salazar A. also had the opportunity to shoot for 2, making one of her free throws. Our girls came out strong and determined which led us off to a great 1st quarter. In the 2nd quarter, our offensive game may have slowed down, but this did not stop Monroe to put up 2 points. Although this wasn’t our best offensive quarter, North’s defensive skills showed! Our girls started to communicate with one another, lifting each other up, and pushing each other to remain in the lead. Going into half-time, the score was 7-6 North. After regrouping and coming up with a plan during half-time, we had Goodwin score 4 points, Kanzenbach score 2 points, Mees score 2 points, and Salazar A. score 2 points! Our strategies and determination to win showed during the 3rd quarter putting us up 17-10. Although we didn’t score in the 4th quarter, Belton MS was unable to break through North’s defense ending the game 17-13 North.

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