North Belton Middle School Athletics


NBMS defeats rival LBMS


In an electrifying matchup that had the entire town buzzing, North Belton 8A faced off against their arch-rivals, Lake Belton, in a game that showcased grit, determination, and some nail-biting moments. Lake Belton stormed onto the court with an impressive start, leaving North Belton trailing in the first quarter. However, North Belton quickly regrouped, addressing their challenges, and mounted a formidable comeback. Despite struggling with shots that weren't finding their mark, North Belton displayed creativity, adapting their strategy to score crucial points. The tenacity of the team shone through as they navigated the game with resilience. In the end, North Belton emerged victorious with a final score of 32-18. The scorers for North were Layla King, leading the charge with an impressive 12 points, followed closely by Alexa King with 11. Jordan Carter contributed 7 points, while Eowyn Bristol added 2, solidifying North Belton's well-rounded performance. The thrilling victory not only marked a triumph over their hometown rivals but also underscored the team's ability to adapt, persevere, and ultimately clinch victory in the face of adversity. The North Belton 8A team plays one final regular season game against BMS before heading into the district tournament next weekend.

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